Healthy Eating Campaign

Start a campaign at your school to promote healthy eating.

Do it yourself

  • Number of Hours: 2
  • Location:
    Do it Yourself Project
  • Cause:
    Education, Illness
  • Activities:
    PR, Organization

What To Do:

  1. Do preliminary research on healthy eating – read about a balanced diet, easy and nutritious recipes, and the best snacks.
  2. Design flyers for the campaign both educational and promotional and print copies to post on campus. Some can list facts and others can encourage people to get involved or make people aware of the campaign.
  3. Schedule a presentation to your school. Prepare a slideshow and organize speakers – your Physical Education teacher or sports coaches, dieticians, doctors, etc. Ask your teachers or a guidance counselor for recommendations about whom to contact.
  4. Speak to the administration about stocking healthy snacks and drinks in any vending machines your school might have.
  5. Have students commit to eating healthy both at school and at home by signing up for the campaign.

What You Need:

  • Research
  • Flyers
  • Slideshow
  • Sign-up sheets

Who Is On Board



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