Bake Sale for Israeli Terror Victims

Make baked goods to sell and donate profits to Israeli terror victims.

Do it yourself

  • Number of Hours: 3
  • Location:
    Do it Yourself Project
  • Activities:
    PR, Organization

What To Do:

  1. Set a date for the sale with the host organization – your local Chabad house, Jewish Community Center, or school.
  2. Organize a time to bake the items to sell: cookies, brownies, muffins, cupcakes, etc. Decide on everything you want to make. Recipes can be found online or you can ask parents or mentors for recipes they like to use at home.
  3. Purchase the necessary ingredients, foil pans, and plastic wrap.
  4. Buy paper bags and to-go containers (Costco should have them) for the customers.
  5. Design a flyer and post it in local schools, libraries, and shuls. Advertise through email and create a Facebook event.
  6. Set up music while baking the goods. Pack them up in foil pans and cover with plastic wrap.
  7. Arrange all the baked goods at the event 20 minutes beforehand and set up music.
  8. Contact a shliach in Israel to send the proceeds to war and terror victims.

What You Need:

  • Baking ingredients
  • Disposable pans
  • Plastic wrap
  • Paper bags/to-go containers
  • Flyer
  • iPod/CD player

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