Art/Photography Show for Charity

Host an art or photography show using original student work at your local Chabad house, Jewish Community Center, or school and donate the proceeds to charity.

Do it yourself

  • Number of Hours: 3
  • Location:
    Do it Yourself Project
  • Cause:
    Community, Needy
  • Activities:
    Technology, Art, Fundraising

What To Do:

  1. Arrange a date and time for the show with the host organization. If your school is hosting the event, choose the best room on campus that allows enough space for an art or photography display.
  2. Designate a room to store the art or photo prints until the show and make sure there are materials available to display it (easels, tables, etc).
  3. Contact art teachers at local schools and ask if any students would be interested in displaying their art or photography for charity.
  4. Design a flyer for the show and post it in local schools, shuls, and libraries. Include contact information for artists or photographers interested in displaying their work at the show. Also include the entrance fee and the charity that will be receiving all proceeds.
  5. Purchase refreshments for the event (optional).
  6. Arrive an hour before the show to set up the refreshments, display, and a table at the entrance with a cash box.
  7. Donate all proceeds to the charity of your choice.

What You Need:

  • Flyer
  • Art display materials
  • Refreshments
  • Cash box

Who Is On Board



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