Make a Shelter Feel Like a Home

Brighten up a homeless shelter with children’s art created through an original art contest.

Do it yourself

  • Number of Hours: 4
  • Location:
    Do it Yourself Project
  • Cause:
    Community, Environment
  • Activities:
    Organization, Art, Fundraising

What To Do:

  1. Host an art contest at your school. Speak to the art teacher(s) about the contest and the plan to decorate a homeless shelter.
  2. Design a flyer, print out copies, and post them around campus. List the date the contest closes and explain where to drop off pieces.
  3. Decide on a prize for the winner.
  4. Contact a homeless shelter and offer to decorate their building with the children’s art.
  5. Get together a group of volunteers to bring the art to the shelter and hang it up. Make sure to bring any necessary tools – nails, hammers, tape, etc.
  6. Arrange transportation to and from the shelter.

What You Need:

  • Prize
  • Art supplies
  • Tools

Who Is On Board



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