Community Historian

Become a historian for a community organization.

Do it yourself

  • Number of Hours: 3
  • Location:
    Do it Yourself Project
  • Cause:
    Community, Education
  • Activities:
    Writing, Art

What To Do:

  1. Contact your local Chabad house or Jewish Community Center and ask to be put in touch with an organization who needs a historian to document their events in a creative way.
  2. Photograph the organization’s events. Upload the photos, select the best ones, and edit them using Photoshop or a similar program.
  3. Make prints of the edited photos (either at home or at a local drug store) and purchase scrapbooking materials – scrapbook, stickers, matting, pens, etc at a store such as Joann’s or Michael’s.
  4. Document each event over a few pages in the scrapbook using the photos of the events and any relevant materials – a ticket stub, pamphlet, etc.

What You Need:

  • Camera
  • Computer
  • Scrapbooking materials

Who Is On Board



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