JKidz Hebrew School Teen Volunteer

Help the children in the community have a wonderful Hebrew School experience... Yes, it is possible!

  • Number of Hours: 45 to 90 minutes on Sundays
  • Chapter:
  • Location:
    Chabad of Delaware
  • Cause:
    Community, Education, Jewish Tradition, Children
  • Contact:
    Rabbi Motti Flikshtein
  • Activities:
    Jewish Tradition, Reading

What To Do:

  1. Either help one or two kids learn how to read Hebrew for 45 minutes (even if you are not advanced) or give a helping hand as a teacher's aid for one and a half hours on Sundays.

What You Need:

  • No preparation necessary whatsoever... Just show up and be ready to be surprised that kids can have FUN in Hebrew School!

Who Is On Board


  • Motti Flikshtein


  • Max Sugarman